Valuable IT Consulting

IT ConsultingTXC Technologies LLC’s certified business IT consultants leverage information technology to cut business costs and drive business revenue. With experience in many industry verticals, our consultants make sure to partner your firm with the right technology assets using industry best practices.

Business Consulting and Strategic IT Planning

Paying hourly for a “tech” to run around your business addressing pain point after pain point “fighting fires” is inefficient, costly, and doesn’t address root causes of true IT problems in your company. When you partner with TXC Technologies LLC to offload the management of these assets, both TXC Technologies and your firm are more profitable when we addresses root causes and keep problems from occurring in the first place. When things break, TXC Technologies deploys a qualified consultant to rectify the issue at no additional charge to your firm. TXC Technologies LLC will prepare a technology road-map for your company to identify areas that need improvement to minimize costly interruptions, keeping your staff on task and productive.

IT Staffing

Our certified engineers are dedicated IT professionals with the very specific competencies to exactly match your company’s upcoming projects or ongoing staffing needs.


Hackers. Firewalls. Viruses. Spyware. HIPAA Compliance. A TXC Technologies LLC IT consultant will interview key personnel at your company, apply industry and agency best practices, and build a security plan specific to your network’s needs.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Deleted a file? Have it restored immediately by calling our call center full of specialists. Server crashed? Have your network back up and running hours, if not minutes. Server physically damaged or stolen? Your data is safely backed up offsite, returning business continuity even in the most challenging situations in a fraction of the time required to start back from scratch. Have a replacement server up in no time!


Windows Vista, Windows 7, Office 2007, Office 2010… by the time you’ve implemented an upgrade it’s time to consider the next. Your TXC Technologies LLC IT consultant will deliver the most effective cost effective licensing path available to your firm. When it’s time to get your technology environment up to today’s standards, TXC Technologies LLC will upgrade, support, and train your staff.


Centralized collaboration solutions like Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint deliver significant benefit to your company but don’t always require a large investment. A seasoned IT consultant can effectively manage the flow of information in your organization using a collaboration management system.

Remote Access

Today’s businesses require access to corporate resources while away from the office. TXC Technologies LLC’s team of consultants will improve your access to your network while out of the building and ensure that communications remain up to date and secure.

Information technology consulting projects don’t have to be a nightmare for your business if handled appropriately. Let TXC Technologies LLC prove to you that our process works by scheduling a 30 minute, no-obligation meeting by calling 1-877-892-9777.