Dependable Data Recovery Services

Data RecoveryAt TXC Technologies LLC, we understand how disturbing the thought of losing your irreplaceable, personal or business data can be. Our data recovery experts are here to help recover data from any failed hard drive. Everyone’s scenario is unique, that’s why our data recovery professionals take the time to comprehend your individual circumstances and needs. Contact us for a FREE quote today.

Our data recovery service is a nationwide leader in data recovery. Unlike some data recovery companies, we don’t price by the value of your data, but rather by the technology milestones that must be overcome in order to successfully recover lost data. We use proprietary technology to recover data from virtually any failed media device, including RAID arrays, servers, desktops, laptops, hard drives, flash drives, camera cards and much more.

RAID & Server Data Recovery

Our data recovery specialists can recover data from any RAID array or server. Data recovery from mass storage devices is a very complex and intricate process. Thanks to advanced technology, proprietary hardware and software, and decades of experience, TXC Technologies LLC is able to offer much more cost-effective RAID data recovery and server data recovery than other companies. Call us to find out more about our RAID data recovery and server data recovery services.

Desktop & Laptop Computer Data Recovery

TXC Technologies LLC offers a wide range of desktop computer data recovery and laptop data recovery services. We can retrieve data from all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and UNIX. Whether you have a desktop computer that has failed, or a laptop that has been run over, we can help recover data where others have failed. Call us to find out more about our desktop computer data recovery and laptop data recovery services.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

A hard drive will eventually fail. TXC Technologies LLC can recover data from your failed hard drive or hard disk no matter how the hard drive failed. Our data recovery engineers have decades of experience retrieving data from failed hard drives and are able to perform hard drive recovery on all makes and models, including Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, and more. Call us and find how we can restore data from your hard drive.

Flash Drive & Camera Card Data Recovery

As technology continues to advance, removable media devices are becoming more and more common. Almost everyone carries a digital camera or flash drive to store valuable memories, documents, and business presentations. These devices are great to have, but just like a hard drive, they will eventually fail or get broken, bent, and cracked. Find out how TXC Technologies LLC can recover data from your flash drive or camera card.

Class 100 Certified Clean-room

Our recovery lab is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, including a Class 100 Certified Clean-room, to tackle even the most complex data recovery projects. Our expert data recovery engineers have the ability to recover data from both logical and physical drive failures, fire damaged drives, flood and water damaged drives, viruses, file deletions, reformatting, repartitioning, software corruption and all other failures.